Book Ratings

A quick breakdown of my book review ratings:

  • 0.5-Star: So horrid that I most likely did not finish
  • 1-Star: Terrible
  • 1.5-Stars: Bad
  • 2-Stars: Okay
  • 2.5-Stars: Decent
  • 3-Stars: Good
  • 3.5-Stars: Very Good
  • 4-Stars: Great
  • 4.5-Stars: Excellent
  • 5-Stars: Amazing

Goodreads doesn’t allow for half-star ratings, but my scale is based off theirs, which is:

  • 1-Star: “Did not like”
  • 2-Stars: “It was okay”
  • 3-Stars: “Liked it”
  • 4-Stars: “Really liked it”
  • 5-Stars: “It was amazing”