Playing With Image Backdrops

Now that I have a nice camera, I’ve been trying to take my crafting pictures with nice backdrops. One of my gamer friends shared this idea on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try.

My first obstacle was that I don’t have a black notebook, and I don’t have a laptop. So instead I went for this:

My Kindle Fire and some felt would just have to suffice! I liked how I got the earrings-on-a-cup picture to come out:


But didn’t like the clay texture tool picture:

Then I figured, if I had such a huge piece of felt, why not just use that? It looks nice enough.

Even the black felt got to shine in today’s mason jar project:

I may try the backdrop idea again in the future, but until I learn my way around a digital SLR camera better the felt will just have to suffice. 🙂