Discovering 2014: Clay Pendants

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

My day 13 project, Clay Pendants, is a tie-in with my day 7 project, Clay Texture Tools. Today I put those tools to the test and got… well, mixed results, really! The idea was inspired by this pin from the Crafts n’Things blog.

My favorite tool, from its appearance, is the big metal filigree piece. It makes a pretty imprint, but it’s very hard to see the details of its imprint from further away. I think it still is a pretty piece, anyway.

Before you bake your clay you need whatever holes you’ll be using to attach your jewelry to the necklace. I used a headpin and on some piece poked straight through (like below) and others made a jump ring hole (like the first photo).

Next I tried several other of my tools, and for pendants decided that the peace sign and oval bead worked best. The others were too small for the size I was making. The metal heart/triangle texture tool I had made actually had the pieces fall out, so I need to glue those back in.

While getting out my clay I saw my shape cutters I had gotten when I made clay beads last summer. I decided to use the blunt end of a few of these and make imprints that way, and I love how they turned out! If you do this, make sure you hold the sides when pressing down so you don’t cut yourself.

 I then had everything ready to go in the oven at 275°F for 15 minutes.
After they were baked and cooled I decided to paint them, because the white clay is pretty plain to look at. I’m mixed about how they ended up (I’m a far cry from having any art talents)–some colored in nicely while others look overdone. Overall though, they were fun to make and I’d do it again, though with a nice colored clay so I don’t go overboard painting.
The paint was still drying when I took this last picture, so none of them are in final pendant form yet, but here’s the final product!
I think the butterfly, dragonfly, and peace sign turned out the best post-painting. 🙂
Swing back tomorrow for the bookmarks project! I haven’t decided what type for certain yet, but I’m leaning toward working in some ribbons, charms, and buttons.