Discovering 2014: Team Spirit Hair Bow

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

My day 16 project was a Team Spirit Hair Bow. It was originally called a Cheerleader Hair Bow, but I thought that “team spirit” is more fitting! The project is based off of this pin, which unfortunately led to a dead site, so I had zero instructions to go on aside from the picture.

The local high school team colors are black and gold, and green and gold. In the end I chose to use the green and gold since I didn’t have any large black ribbon in my craft room. I didn’t have enough varying sizes of the green and gold to match the picture, but I did my best!

The first green ribbon I used was 1″ satin ribbon. I made a twist in the center, then the loops, then brought the tails down the front. I used hair clips to temporarily hold it in place.

I did a simple cross-stitch to hold it in place, the added my first 3/8″ yellow grosgrain ribbon and cross-stitched that onto the green. Below is the front and the back (both of which are not visible by the end). Yes, my sewing is still terrible. 🙂

I used the extra thread and looped it around the center, scrunching up the middle. Then I cut off another length of 1″ green ribbon, folded it in half length-wise, and tied a bow.

I added my 1/4″ green and yellow silk ribbon pieces by carefully pulling them through the front part of my bow. I then made sure the bow was tied tightly and did some crazy stitch on the backside, being careful to not poke through the front but stitching far enough to secure the tie.

Afterward, I also stitched the bottom layer to the smaller bow, again careful to not poke through the front of the bow. This part could easily be hot glued as well.

All that remained was hot glue and knotting the smaller ribbons! I glued it to a hair clip then tied single knots on each of the ribbon streamers. I also snipped the 1″ ribbon to have those pointy ends and added some fray check to them.

Go team go!

Tomorrow’s project is Pom Pom Hair Clips!