What’s Keeping Me Busy (March 2014 Edition)

The old monitors.

I’m fantastic at writing for my crafting blog, but for a general one? Not so much. It’s been about a month and a half since I wrote last, and life just keeps on chugging along.

Over the past month I’ve played quite a bit of Banished, worked a lot, did a lot of daily crafts and started a cooking blog with Calthine. I also read Words of Radiance, Luck of the Draw and am currently working on Volume 1 of the Game of Thrones Graphic Novel. I finally got new monitors… that are actually the same size as each other!

The new monitors.



Next week the Diablo III expansion releases and I am still working on South Park: The Stick of Truth. If you don’t like South Park the TV show, you won’t like the game (I love the show, so the game is great). I also have Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Thief all waiting to be played as well. Too many games, too little time.

I’m also very happy that Once Upon a Time is back from its hiatus, and Game of Thrones starts up again soon as well! We’re also currently watching Amazing Race, Tosh.0, Bones, The Following, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Cosmos and Hell’s Kitchen, alongside our normal Monday through Thursday helpings of The Daily Show/Colbert Report/@Midnight. Sometimes I think our Tivo box secretly hates us for all the recording we have it do.

That’s about it for me. Here are some random pictures; I’m good at random pictures. šŸ™‚