2300 Games Added to the Internet Archive

Yes, I know, I haven’t written anything here in forever. *throws confetti*

The Internet Archive (if you didn’t know already) is a non-profit library to catalog and provide public access to digital collections–such as software. In late December, Jason Scott uploaded a mega-dump of software and classic games to the archive. As mentioned in his announcement, not everything is going to be perfect; some things may be buggy and/or unplayable.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited and try anyway, right?

The full collection can be viewed here. I’ve combed through and made a list of titles I recall playing, thanks to my father’s love of computers and games.

I’m also looking forward to checking out Dalek Attack, and I bet my husband will get a kick out of John Madden Football. There’s also an insanely bizarre Bob Saget Killer 2000 title that begs at least one look at it. I didn’t see Wolfenstein 3D, but if anyone else does I’d love a link (Castle Wolfenstein was listed, tho).

Now if someone could find me the Star Trek tribble screensaver my dad had in the early 90s, I’d be one happy panda. Used to watch that thing for hours just fill up the screen, dump out and restart. I may have been a boring child.