Review: Refine

RefineRefine by Nichole Van

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Refine is the amazing conclusion to the House of Oak series (available as a Kindle Unlimited option on Amazon). The books just kept getting better as the series progressed, and this one I could barely put down long enough to sleep.

UPDATE: In March 2017, a surprise fifth book was released in this series: Outshine. Refine was the original “final” book at the time of this writing.

Both Jasmine and Timothy (Linwood) experience great character development throughout the book.

We go into it apprehensive because Linwood has been a shaky character to this point, but who he is, how he got there, and who he becomes is an amazing journey. A lot of the story takes place in a setting that forces Timothy to finally take a good look at his life, and how he copes with unfamiliar territory is both hilarious and endearing. Him watching a movie was probably one of my favorite parts of this book, followed by his interactions with James.

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