E3 Coverage on ZAM

While I’m at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3 for you non-gamers) my awesome Deputy Editor is working his butt off at home to cover things on ZAM. Yesterday he spent hours working on liveblogs of all four major press conferences (the final one is Nintendo at 9am PT/Noon ET today), which you can catch up on from the links below if you missed them!

Xbox: http://eq.zam.com/story.html?story=34507
EA: http://eq.zam.com/story.html?story=34508
Ubisoft: http://eq.zam.com/story.html?story=34509
PlayStation: http://eq.zam.com/story.html?story=34510

All of our E3 coverage is available here and will be updated throughout the week!