Two Weeks Until SOE Live, Plus GU67 Ramblings

Mere hours under two weeks from right now, I’ll be in Vegas for SOE Live. If that isn’t enough to make someone panic over still not being prepared, I don’t know what is! The past few evenings I’ve been working on my geek badges, so those are coming along, though a bit slowly for my liking.

In the gaming world, I finally ran Cobalt Scar with my main on EQ2. I had done this already when it was in-testing, and to be honest, the storyline was so lackluster for GU66 that I had no desire to run it again when it went live. SOE had other plans though: they wiped the beta server and CS is required for the GU67 sig quests, so it was a choice between re-running it on live, then copy my main again, or run it on beta, and lose that progress again at some point in the future. Obviously running it on live means I’ll never have to do it again, so I took that choice and worked my way through the othmir zompocolypse.

I finished testing the GU67 signature quests in 1.5 hours… while writing a walkthrough for each. This is honestly record time for me doing that many sig quests + work at the same time. Avoiding in-detail spoilers, I’ll just say that the story was sadly left hanging yet again and that I think that the quests will not be very fulfilling for other lore geeks like me out there. If you want to be spoiled, I have walkthroughs and dialogues posted over on ZAM (landing page is spoiler free).

I’m really not sure what’s happened with the storytelling lately on EQ2, but it’s taking a downhill turn that I’m not thrilled with. Here’s hoping that something better is in store for the expansion.