Last Minute Packing Tips

Earlier today I posted about my packing organization, but this post is a focus on tips to consolidate space, stay healthy and more!

1. Use a contact lens case to carry small quantities of lotions, etc

I don’t use too much lotion or aloe while I’m traveling, but it’s nice to have it just in case. A contact lens case saves me from carrying two travel-sized bottles around that I’ll barely use. NOTE: If you use contact lenses, mark your actual case quite clearly!
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Organizing Luggage: Packing Cubes and More

(check out the second part of this post: Last Minute Packing Tips!)

This is my 6th year attending Fan Faire/SOE Live, which for me is a trip mixed with work and play. For this year it’s doubly compounded, as my usual once-a-year convention turned into four after attending January’s Year of EverQuest/Landmark alpha launch event, June’s E3 convention, this week’s SOE Live and finally, BlizzCon in November.

Over time and with more frequent travel, I’ve not only learned some valuable things (like bringing along snacks for those days you miss meals, and that Vegas hotels do not have their own coffee pots) but also have had to bring along more and more equipment for work. This year I’m toting around a laptop, DSLR camera with an extra lens, digital voice recorder, my phone, a tablet, and all the crazy accessories associated with all this, just to name a few.

So with all these things you need to be organized. Or at least I do. I like to be able to grab a bag and know that my backup batteries are in it. I like having all my toiletries in one accessible spot.

Long story long… here’s some of my current packing organizers!
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EverQuest Worlds Mobile App

First announced and released during SOE Live, the EverQuest Worlds mobile app is a feature that reveals lore and can offer some rewards for playing along. It did get off to a rocky start for android users (I personally just got it to work finally tonight), but it seems to finally be on the right track! Android users can download the app from Google Play and iPhone users should use the App Store.

Inside the Quest Journal you’ll find various quests which will offer rewards when you complete them. The first quest on the list, Future Echoes, requires that you scan pictures to unlock each of the 13 lore bits (and gives a claim code for 250 Station Cash when you complete the full thing). SOE has so far provided two images on their web sites, but for the impatient there is an album someone hobbled together on Imgur of all possible images for that particular quest. If you’re unsure of which picture to scan, just point your phone at the monitor and scroll slowly down the entire list!

SOE Live 2013: Landmark Panel Takeaways

Creating a World

  • Use core principals from the EverQuest franchise
  • Bring a product that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Landmark is intended to appeal to players who want to interact with the world
  • Longevity is important
  • Kicks off the integration of content for EQ Next
  • You’re in “Our” World Now – creating a world together and Landmark is the beginning of this
  • Building upon a completely constructable and destructible world
  • Break the mold by going back to the roots of a game like Dungeons & Dragons, where everyone is part of the game and has fun
“We want people to find things and do things that are totally unique and experimental, and really let their creativity show.” 
-Rosie Rappaport

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SOE Live 2013: Lore Panel Takeaways

  • The lore is an entire reboot for the franchise
  • Retelling and reimagining of EverQuest; should be familiar, but different
  • Many original creators of EQ are on the EQNext team
  • You’ll see familiar faces and new things
  • Caramor Thex re-emerging from old lore
Why the reset?
  • Intend to be able to open doors
  • Players can have multiple points of entry to the game (referring to other platforms like the books)
  • Want to be all-inclusive in relation to the philosophy and quality of the lore
  • Maybe eventually have several games in this world?
  • Wealth of stories and characters that can add depth

Show, don’t tell…

  • They want those who just “click through the game [quests]” to be a part of the story
  • World will evolve; visuals will allow players to know what’s happening without quest text
  • Allows devs to work on “the next level of story-telling”; personal stories
  • You will be able to still get some lore through text (libraries, etc), but it won’t be a crutch or the only way.

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