EverQuest Worlds Mobile App

First announced and released during SOE Live, the EverQuest Worlds mobile app is a feature that reveals lore and can offer some rewards for playing along. It did get off to a rocky start for android users (I personally just got it to work finally tonight), but it seems to finally be on the right track! Android users can download the app from Google Play and iPhone users should use the App Store.

Inside the Quest Journal you’ll find various quests which will offer rewards when you complete them. The first quest on the list, Future Echoes, requires that you scan pictures to unlock each of the 13 lore bits (and gives a claim code for 250 Station Cash when you complete the full thing). SOE has so far provided two images on their web sites, but for the impatient there is an album someone hobbled together on Imgur of all possible images for that particular quest. If you’re unsure of which picture to scan, just point your phone at the monitor and scroll slowly down the entire list!