Discovering 2014: Cardstock Notepad

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project every day throughout the year!

My day five project was a Cardstock Notepad. This was a simple venture, but one I thought of while jotting down a list of potential January ideas on the backside of a receipt. You can easily do this project with children so they can have their own notepads or write a short story!

The basic supplies you need for this project are cardstock, a hole puncher and something to bind the papers together (such as jump rings, lock washers, ribbon, twine, etc).

The cardstock pieces I used were from a mixed-size value pack of cardstock I got at Michaels and were about one-quarter the size of a standard 8.5×11 piece. I picked out two pieces that were slightly bigger than the others to be a front and back cover, though that’s not necessary.

I also used a three-hole puncher; a one-hole puncher would be fine as well, though more tedious. Because the sheets were smaller than standard sheets I had to adjust the hole placements on my 3-hole puncher. I ended up with about 20 sheets inside and the two cover sheets, which can be easily expanded.

I then decided to use a couple of stamps to decorate the front and back covers, and also used hole reinforcements on the cover sheets (all optional!). I’ve had some 3/4″ oversized jump rings around for years that I rarely have a use for, so they finally saw the light of day again for this project.

I added on the sheets about five at a time. You can use other materials such as ribbon, twine, cord, etc instead of the jump rings, of course. Just be sure to not tie them too tightly so the pages can turn!

I closed my jump rings and now have a notepad I can keep by my bedside for those midnight brainstorms!

Tomorrow’s project is a Fabric Hair Bow!