Discovering 2014: No-Sew Crayon Wrap

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

My day 25 project was a No-Sew Crayon Wrap. The project came from seeing this pin by Small + Friendly. Her full tutorial is quite excellent and should be able to help with making your own!

For differences: I didn’t have a disappearing ink pen, I didn’t stiffen the felt (though afterward I think it would have been better stiffened), and I used scissors more than my exacto knife. There wasn’t a size listed for the ribbon, but I estimated that it was 3/8″ grosgrain.

The crayon slots I made a bit too much off-center. They stay in fine but it feels a bit awkward. Next one I make I will focus more on precision.

Fitting the paper was easy enough, though I’m not certain how the felt will hold up long-term in an unstiffened state.

This was an easy and fun project. I think I may lay a piece of felt between the crayons and paper to prevent the crayons from marking the paper up while the wrap is closed. This would make a cool gift and would also be great for travel.

Tomorrow’s project is a Memory Wire Dangle Necklace!