California, Here I Come (and New Camera Goodness)!

I’ll be heading to somewhere about 70 degrees warmer than my hometown this week–California! My trip will begin on Tuesday, and I’ll be most active on my Twitter account while I’m gone. If you’re interested in seeing what’s up, be sure you follow me @Cyliena!

This will be my first time in California and my first trip with a DSLR camera. I’m hoping to get some nice pictures while I’m there. My children have also demanded that I must take “many many many pictures” as well. I’ve been taking many pictures with the new camera since it arrived; check them out after the jump. 🙂

An interlude during a snowstorm:

My grey furball feigning interest in me trying to get her attention:

The calico, annoyed that I pulled the camera out of the bag she decided to jump on right as I reached to pull the camera out:

This one usually won’t stay still long enough for a picture, and when she does, she looks smug:

She will devour your soul!

A toasty fire!

My youngest kiddo grouping in EQ2:

A bracelet I made:

Finally, this month’s awesome Loot Crate!

Thanks for looking! 🙂