Discovering 2014: Flavored Marshmallows

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

One of these days I’ll read a recipe the day before I do it….

Today’s project was Flavored Marshmallows, using this recipe from A Beautiful Mess. I have to admit that once we got it all in the mixer we were quite dubious that it would turn to marshmallow, but about five minutes into mixing it changed very quickly!

The downside of not reading the recipe yesterday is that the mixture has to sit overnight, so I can’t report on the final product until tomorrow. For now, here’s a look at how everything else went!

UPDATE: Here’s the conclusion of this project!

I actually had expected this recipe to be more complex than it was. I think the worst part was waiting for the sugar mix to heat up. We never got it to 240°F, and finally called it good at 221°F. Evidently that was good enough because it all worked out!

Left: The sugar/light corn syrup/water mixture waiting to boil on the stove.
Right: The gelatin/water mixture twiddling its thumbs in the mixer bowl.

As I mentioned earlier, the once the sugar/corn syrup mixture and gelatin mixture were in our stand mixer for about five minutes on medium-high speed, it drastically changed. I let it go another two minutes after that just to ensure it all blended well.

Most of the time it looked like the pic of the far left, but it had a change of heart (and color!).

Early on we were wondering if it would even fill an 8×8 pan. Well, it filled MORE than that. We ended up moving it into a 9×12.

My attempt at swirling in the red food coloring was less than stellar, but it’s something. We tried some that was stuck to the mixing paddle and it tastes fantastic. I can’t wait to see how the final product is tomorrow! All that was left was the husband adding some powdered sugar to the top:

I’ll update with the conclusion of this recipe tomorrow. Also coming up is the Personalized Frames project!