EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan Interviews

One of the awesome things about being an editor is that you get some great opportunities to talk to developers about the games that you love. This week I was finally able to post the responses to the extensive interview I had with the EverQuest II team about Tears of Veeshan and beyond. Working in some Beta knowledge both articles became more of a narrative preview, but I’m happy with how the turned out.

Check out both interviews below!

Another awesome thing about being an editor? Finding ways to use those 60+ awesome images you’ve taken on beta…..
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EverQuest II: Wantia Desert Homestead

Turning a home like this…

I spend a good bit of time decorating on the Everfrost server in EQ2, but I’m much better at not completely finishing projects. My most recently published home is the first one I’ve completed in the past six months (currently I’m in-progress on 3-4 other homes). It is a remake of my Modern Wantia Abode that I published last year.

… into this is what I thrive on.

This house is called the Wantia Desert Homestead. I used the same ceiling as the abode, but completely changed the walls and swapped out the floor tiles. There are some similarities in decor (window planters, the closet, the table, etc), and a few ideas taken from another Maj’Dul home I’ve published called the Maj’Dul Chateau (the fireplace and the stacked display, namely).

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