Online Friendship

This afternoon I had a friend post the following:

Over the past year or so I have seen a number of people post an image that says that in many ways your online friends are more your friends than your real friends and family. Not only do I disagree with this notion, but I find the idea that some people actually believe it severely disturbing. Your real friends and family are the ones who, when you hit rock bottom and your online friends are too distracted by the latest meme or their own lives to bother with you, are still there for you and still willing to offer their support.”

Maybe my perspective is skewed because I spend so much of my social life with online interactions due to my job, but I have to disagree with the above. I partially agree with his original assertion that your family means more than your online friends (and even then that’s subjective based on your familial relationships), but I have to say that I have many online friends who mean a lot to me and that I believe would be (and have been) there for me (and vice versa) even through hard times.

Here was my response:
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EverQuest II: Wantia Desert Homestead

Turning a home like this…

I spend a good bit of time decorating on the Everfrost server in EQ2, but I’m much better at not completely finishing projects. My most recently published home is the first one I’ve completed in the past six months (currently I’m in-progress on 3-4 other homes). It is a remake of my Modern Wantia Abode that I published last year.

… into this is what I thrive on.

This house is called the Wantia Desert Homestead. I used the same ceiling as the abode, but completely changed the walls and swapped out the floor tiles. There are some similarities in decor (window planters, the closet, the table, etc), and a few ideas taken from another Maj’Dul home I’ve published called the Maj’Dul Chateau (the fireplace and the stacked display, namely).

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