Review: Sugar

Sugar Book CoverSugar: My Life as a Sugar Babe by Monique X
My Rating: 1.5-Stars
Genre: Memoir, Erotica
Release Date: June 24, 2018
Formats: Kindle Unlimited, eBook ($5)

Head’s up: despite the book’s blurb sounding otherwise, this book is a memoir.

There’s nothing quite like reading an entire book, and still wondering when the story will start by the time you reach the end. It may be titled “Sugar,” but not an iota of sweetness has been left in my memories.

The book’s first chapter walks readers through Monique’s ritual to prepare for her sugar dates—which are dates she has with older men, keeping them company (sexually or not) in exchange for money. But as we’re told about 300 times throughout the story, it’s not like being an escort. The narrator breaks the fourth wall a couple times here, but that can be excused, if it had been an isolated incident (spoiler: it’s not). Continue reading “Review: Sugar”