Making a Covered Hair Clip

Making a covered hair clip is a great first step toward making a personalized hair accessory. It also requires very few supplies and is good practice for working with ribbon and a glue gun together. Expect to mess up at least your first clip (my first clip I completely glued together), but that’s okay, because practice makes perfect!

The first thing you need is your supplies. There are various types of hair clips but for this project I am using a double-pronged clip (also known as an “alligator clip”). You also need 3/8ths inch grosgrain ribbon. Silk ribbon would work here, too, but I’ve found grosgrain to have a neater look as clip covers. Finally you’ll need a glue gun with a high temperature setting (I use the Surebonder HE-750, which does an okay job). You may optionally want fray check to keep the cut edges of your ribbon from fraying.

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