Sims 3: Meet the Trallops!

It was when I got “meh” about SimCity that I decided to finally redownload Sims 3, after years of barely playing it (despite having the CE since launch), and unearth my old neighborhood backups. I tried first playing my old families I had created and saved the neighborhoods for, but I didn’t feel any attachment to them, even though one of them was my namesake.

Then I recalled how amusing it was to play a redhead in the Sims Medieval in the attempt to make the entire village redheads. I did partially succeed in that venture; there were many redheaded kids by the time I finished that game. So I made the decision to make a family of redheads, two brothers and two sisters, who were all promiscuous in nature. The Trallop family was ‘born’.

From left to right: Candice, Ginni, Chen, and Dane

Meet the Trallops
I’m terrible at naming characters in any game. I can sit here for 30-60 minutes trying to decide on a perfect name. It must have been my inspiration to create their family, because I named them all in record time. Their last name is obviously a play on “trollop“, which I thought fit the bill nicely.

When creating them I gave each person four identical traits: Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, Flirty, and Friendly. The last created trait was different for each person. Ginni is Evil, Chen is Athletic, Dane is Brave, and Candice is Charismatic. They all had the same lifetime wish to WooHoo in 5 different places with 5 different sims, which ended up being a bit more difficult to fulfill than it sounded when I chose it.

Things started out well, but as someone who had not avidly played Sims 3 in a really long time, it was difficult to control four people at once. I did end up spending a few days playing all four people. On Sims 3 I spend half my time designing the homes, so one of those days was just getting their house set up. I plopped down a pre-fab house, then drastically altered it to my liking. Once they were settled in, they called up a butler to clean up after their lazy rears.

Tragedy Strikes
The first thing that happens one sim-day after the butler arrives is that the Trallop hot tub breaks. This is devastating to any Trallop, as they then lose a woohoo spot! I had Dane call a repairman, but as he was doing so, the butler decided to fix the hot tub for them.

ZAP! In no time flat, the butler keels over dead. My five-year-old was watching me play and he spazzed out, running around telling everyone that my butler just died. Soon I had my entire RL household crowded around me as I unpaused the game and we watched the Grim Reaper claim the soul of my butler.

Moving on Out
After the butler’s death, I decided that I needed to focus on just one Trallop at a time. I plopped down four pre-fab homes in the neighborhood, spent a couple of days radically modifying them, and moved each sibling in one-by-one. I ensured that the three siblings I wasn’t playing had plenty of money (yes, I use the simolean cheat code :P) and decided on Ginni being the one I wanted to play first, since I had never played an Evil trait sim before.

Ginni the Uncommited, Evil Breeder
So, Ginni, like her siblings, is promiscuous. She also quickly became a celebrity.. for what reason, I still don’t know. I had purchased Seasons (and already had Late Night) by this point, so perhaps it was her awesome pie-eating contest skills at the festivals. As a celebrity, she soon was constantly stalked by paparazzi.

I decided to have fun with the paparazzi and quickly befriended and performed “try for baby” with one. (Yes, I realize that breeding a family goes against playing one sim at a time, but doing it this way did allow me to slowly get accustomed to playing multiple sims as they slowly grew up and their needs expanded over time.) Sure enough, within a sim-day Ginni was knocked up and received time off from her criminal career job.

First Brood

While Ginni was pregnant I purchased the lifetime reward trait of “fertility” with her. Come baby day, she gave birth to a girl. This girl was–much to my confusion–auto-assigned her first trait, which was Artistic! I thought a while about a name, then finally ended up asking my husband for a suggestion. Soon afterward, Genavie was born. Immediately after choosing her name, a second box pops up for another baby girl! This one was auto-assigned the trait of “Good”, which was amusing given Ginni’s evilness. Genavie’s twin sister was soon named Shawnee.

Ginni did mostly well for an evil mother who enjoyed stealing candy from the child she just snuggled with and read a book to. Her motherly instincts made her very protective of how others treated her children, especially those nagging paparazzi. She soon grew her first brood by a few more children: Jeau was the third-born; as an adult, he is Evil, Insane, Daredevil, Great Kisser (almost every Trallop receives this trait!), and eventually even became a Kleptomanic. As you can imagine, he has made some interesting appearances at family gatherings.

 Since I can’t cut you for taking pictures of my children, enjoy this glass box with no door.

After Jeau came one more set of twin girls, which were both auto-assigned the trait of “Loves the Outdoors” upon birth. For this set of twins, Ginni had woohoo’d with a third paparazzi–yes I broke up with them after each time she became pregnant–in an igloo, which must have been where the trait came from. This set of twins were named Paige and Lana, who were nicknamed in their childhood by myself and my husband as Bumblebee Girl and Butterfly Girl, respectively. Paige was the first child of Ginni’s to not be born redheaded–she was born blonde, which was her father’s hair color. I soon changed her hair to be red with blonde highlights (as a nod to her original hair color).

What Next?
There’s some fun stories about Ginni’s “first brood”, and there is yet another brood of children beyond it, not to mention stories about her children’s children, the Trallop clan moving neighborhoods twice now, Ginni’s shocking relationship with one of her brothers, and more. Ginni’s family has really been the most fun I’ve had playing a Sims game in quite some time (including Sims and Sims 2!). I’ll continue to tell their story in the near future (or if you’re impatient, check out this Facebook album of chronological pictures)!

From left: Shawnee, Jeau (sitting), Ginni, Lana, Paige, and Genavie