Epilogue: A Tale of One Writer

This editorial is non-game specific and solely based on insights and opinions from its author.

One comment I receive a lot when I explain my job to others is “That’s awesome! How do I get into doing that?!” There is no perfect answer to this query, and despite how awesome working in this industry sounds and really is, it’s hard work and not quite as glamorous as you may be envisioning in your head.

Working on a gaming fan/press site requires a lot of dedication outside of game(s). We don’t actually spend most of our day playing these games for hours on end (unless we’re working on a review). Often, we find that there’s only a handful of time to spend in-game while dedicating the majority of our workday to emails, writing breaking news about games we may or may not actually play, writing guides, participating in social media, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you’re the editor-in-chief or a contributing writer; as a friend succinctly told me, “Everyone in the gaming press has to wear multiple hats, from the smallest fan site to the largest press operation.”

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Sims 3: Meet the Trallops!

It was when I got “meh” about SimCity that I decided to finally redownload Sims 3, after years of barely playing it (despite having the CE since launch), and unearth my old neighborhood backups. I tried first playing my old families I had created and saved the neighborhoods for, but I didn’t feel any attachment to them, even though one of them was my namesake.

Then I recalled how amusing it was to play a redhead in the Sims Medieval in the attempt to make the entire village redheads. I did partially succeed in that venture; there were many redheaded kids by the time I finished that game. So I made the decision to make a family of redheads, two brothers and two sisters, who were all promiscuous in nature. The Trallop family was ‘born’.

From left to right: Candice, Ginni, Chen, and Dane

Meet the Trallops
I’m terrible at naming characters in any game. I can sit here for 30-60 minutes trying to decide on a perfect name. It must have been my inspiration to create their family, because I named them all in record time. Their last name is obviously a play on “trollop“, which I thought fit the bill nicely.

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