EQNext Black Box “Sneak Peak” Video

SOE released a teaser “sneak peak” of their EverQuest Next Black Box stretch reward video. We couldn’t hear any audio (more on that below) and it’s just Terry Michaels fast-forwarded through an introduction. The ending promises that “the black box will open on August 6,” which many have already noted is after the unveiling SOE Live.

More on the audio: someone slowed down the video (found here) and the following comment can be heard from Terry:

“You actually spent the time to slow down the audio looking for an easter egg? I can’t believe you did that. They told me you would. I’m impressed. Well, here you go: That thing in the painting is actually a kobold.

Thank you SO MUCH for answering that question, Terry—even if it was in a crazy easter egg style!

UPDATE: Some people seem to disagree with Terry himself that the creature is not a kobold. Earlier this evening he responded to them:

“For those that insist the character in the painting is a goblin, all I can say is: Gonna be fun when you see an EQNext goblin.”