Geek Badges

I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas from July 31 – August 5 for SOE Live, a gaming convention. This is my fifth year attending, and I decided to bring along a craft project to hand out to my friends there. I call them Geek Badges, and they’ve occupied my scarce free time over the past couple of weeks.

There isn’t anything crazy complex to these. I just shrunk down several logos for SOE games I play so that they’d fit a one-inch round cutout and was able to print ten per 4×6 photo sheet. Then I adhered them to the bottlecaps and added a jump ring to each.

I have a bunch of $1 special snap hair clips that I’m never going to use for my normal hair clip projects, so I plan on handing those out with the badges. I already hooked mine to it, and it’ll allow me to easily clip them onto my lanyard, backpack, shirt, or even hair if I’m feeling crazy. I’m also bringing along keychain rings for the guys who likely want nothing to do with a hair clip.

In all I made a bit over 100 of Geek Badges, but not all of them turned out well. It was definitely some trial and error for me at first (I discovered that encasing photo paper in dimensional paint is a BAD idea). When I pack up for Vegas on Tuesday, about 98 of these will be coming along!