SOE Live: Hardcore Decorating

Tomorrow I leave for Vegas (and I still need to repack–ugh!). This year will be the first time I’m on/running a player panel. It is called EQII: Hardcore Decorating, which I first talked about in late June. Here’s the skinny on the panel:

  • Saturday, August 3 from 3-4pm in Sunset 5/6 (time and room subject to change, but we’ve survived several rounds of panel changes and only had a room shift)
  • Panelists: Cyliena (me! go figure!), Afista, Cheribomb, Jazabelle, and Emily “Domino” Taylor
  • Topics: We’re touching on a lot but the main focus is how decorating in EQ2 has grown, how we as decorators went from casual to hardcore focus on the trade, and how others can find inspiration, resources, interact with the community, and more.
  • Qho: Of course he’ll be there in some form! Did you really think I’d forget him?!
  • Recorded?: Unless SOE decides to come in and record (no idea if they’re doing that this year), sorry, don’t think that’ll be happening.

Hope to see lots of friendly faces there! If you can’t attend be sure to follow me on Twitter for on-the-spot info and pictures!

Qho hanging out with Carlos “Gninja” Mora during a 2011 Fan Faire panel.