Discovering 2014: Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

Today’s project was Italian Lemon Drop Cookies, better known as Anginetti. I followed this recipe from exactly, and they turned out perfectly. Since I didn’t have to deviate from the recipe at all, I’m just going to simply share some pictures I took while working on them!

Most of the baking supplies.
The cookie dough fully mixed.
Scooped on the pan.. I made them a bit too thick, but that turned out okay.
The icing, which is AMAZING.. and so easy to make.
Finished Anginetti, complete with some edible glitter.
Nom nom nom.

My youngest child came to ask for a second cookie right after finishing the first. I told him that I was glad he liked them, but we shouldn’t eat them all in one night. He replied “I didn’t like them, mom. I LOVED them.” That’s a kid seal of approval, I think!

Tomorrow’s project is Bubble Wands!