Photography: Color Mismatch

Northwestern Michigan College revived the Color Photography (Photo II) class this semester, so I dove in the moment registration opened up. We’ve only turned in two assignments so far: When It’s Blue Out/Color Mismatch (dual assignment) and As Close As You Can Get. The current assignment is a two week look at depicting dreams, and by late next week we need to have one completed “dreamy” photo turned in.

But first, here are my favorites from the “Color Mismatch” portion of assignment #1. Our instructor wanted us to just “have fun with it” and go crazy with color balance and various colorization options in Photoshop. Mine ended up primarily psychedelic.

The last two are my beloved meringues, if you’re in a baking mood (they’re normally white-ish, not orange or pink, though you could use food color on them!).