San Francisco: Part Five (The Bridge)

Would you believe that I went to San Francisco over a year ago, uploaded my photos, then forgot to post them?

Yeah, I believe it, too.

In San Francisco: Part Five (the end!), my photographs focus primarily on the Golden Gate Bridge, with a sprinkling of Alcatraz from a distance.

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Photography: Color Harmony

Life got hectic in March, so I’m behind in posting pictures. This particular photography assignment was from the last week of February. The aim was to look for complementary and contrasting colors. Once you knew what to look for, you realized they were everywhere—product labels, food, books, cables, machines, clothing, and so on.

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Photography: As Close As You Can Get

The “As Close As You Can Get” photo assignment wanted us to look at common objects on the macro level. This assignment ended up being tricky for me — not because of its nature, but because one hand was nearly unusable due to a car accident earlier this week. Thankfully a tripod and remote shutter button solved most of that problem.

Not all of these ended up being quite as crisp or macro as I had hoped, but I’m still pleased with the results. If you’re stumped, I’ve listed what each image is at the end of this post.



Photography: When It’s Blue Out

My photography assignment, “When It’s Blue Out”, required us to look for that perfect time of day when the sky had a blue hue, and indoor lights gave off a natural glow that was neither too bright nor too dark: dusk and dawn. I’m not a dawn type of person unless under duress, so dusk it was.

In the pictures below, that time was just after sunset, around 6pm (gotta love Michigan winters). These photos were my favorite from this assignment, all taken at Northwestern Michigan College.

(Update: Two of these images are featured in the Feb 10 issue of White Pine Press — on the cover and page 3.)