IT Academy Olympics

For the past three years, Northwestern Michigan College’s computer information technology department has hosted an event called the IT Academy Olympics. High school students attending career tech programs come to NMC for the all day event. They are assigned teams and rotate through various challenges, with the highest scoring teams taking home some fun (and usually geeky) prizes.

I’ve been their photographer for the past two years, and even though I’m on my feet all day, it’s a lot of fun and time just flies by. I do wish I had a more recent camera (still using a Canon Rebel t3i), just so my indoor ISO wouldn’t be so grainy, but that’s something to worry about in the future. Here are some of my favorite images from this year’s event.


Photography: Snowy Day on Campus

These photos didn’t stem from a photography assignment, but rather from my taking advantage of the fresh snowfall blanketing NMC when I arrived on campus that morning. They were taken on January 30, several hours prior to said weather being a factor in the accident that totaled out my car (a look at that at the bottom). Now that recovery and playing catch-up is over, it’s time for these pics to shine.

This is at the Cherry Lot, where grass, trees, and swamp ring its fringes.

The snow bush monster outside Osterlin Library.


Photography: When It’s Blue Out

My photography assignment, “When It’s Blue Out”, required us to look for that perfect time of day when the sky had a blue hue, and indoor lights gave off a natural glow that was neither too bright nor too dark: dusk and dawn. I’m not a dawn type of person unless under duress, so dusk it was.

In the pictures below, that time was just after sunset, around 6pm (gotta love Michigan winters). These photos were my favorite from this assignment, all taken at Northwestern Michigan College.

(Update: Two of these images are featured in the Feb 10 issue of White Pine Press — on the cover and page 3.)



Photography: Color Mismatch

Northwestern Michigan College revived the Color Photography (Photo II) class this semester, so I dove in the moment registration opened up. We’ve only turned in two assignments so far: When It’s Blue Out/Color Mismatch (dual assignment) and As Close As You Can Get. The current assignment is a two week look at depicting dreams, and by late next week we need to have one completed “dreamy” photo turned in.

But first, here are my favorites from the “Color Mismatch” portion of assignment #1. Our instructor wanted us to just “have fun with it” and go crazy with color balance and various colorization options in Photoshop. Mine ended up primarily psychedelic.