Game of Thrones Premiere Date Reveal

HBO is currently running a Facebook live video promotion to lead up to the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere date reveal. It entails watching fire very slowly melt a thick block of ice while people scream keywords (which I’m dubious actually do anything) in the comments section.

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Photography: Snowy Day on Campus

These photos didn’t stem from a photography assignment, but rather from my taking advantage of the fresh snowfall blanketing NMC when I arrived on campus that morning. They were taken on January 30, several hours prior to said weather being a factor in the accident that totaled out my car (a look at that at the bottom). Now that recovery and playing catch-up is over, it’s time for these pics to shine.

This is at the Cherry Lot, where grass, trees, and swamp ring its fringes.

The snow bush monster outside Osterlin Library.

Sunset Hair

In February, I posted the various hair colors I’ve done since 2014 in Mission: Color. In early March I decided to go for another color change, with the initial idea for fire hair. The colors ended up much richer than the typical ones used in fire hair coloring, so “sunset hair” more appropriately fit the style.

tonmu3kMarch 4, 2016

The initial dyeing is pictured above, but for some reason my hair hasn’t been holding the red well (it fades to “rose gold” within 1-2 weeks)—we think it might be the brand. My stylist is awesome and has touched it up twice over the past month at no extra charge, but I can’t let her keep doing that. She’s looking for the colors in a brand that’s worked well on me in the past, but if that doesn’t pan out I’ll probably try something completely different at my next appointment.

Here is the most recent touch-up from April 2, 2016. Instead of layering red/orange/gold, she did a red-to-orange ombre and kept the gold layer (the only one that’s been sticking) underneath.


Colorings were performed by Jodie at Salon Verve in TVC.

Mission: Color

Since November 2014, I’ve been having my hair dyed various colors by Jodie at Salon Verve in TVC. The first few times I stuck with just doing blue and black, then eventually added purple, then started to mix it up more often from there. I don’t have pictures from every occasion (especially early on), but here’s my collection thus far!

UPDATE: See my Sunset Hair here! (April 2016)

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Support Oklahoma with Knot Krazy

I am a former resident of both Oklahoma City and Del City. I was there during the May 3, 1999 tornado, watching and listening with stunned horror from my back window as the F5 tornado tore up parts of Tinker AFB. On that day in 1999, Moore, OK was hit very hard.. a friend of mine who lived there (and was thankfully not home) only had one small corner of his home and his cat remaining. It is a day I will never forget.

Yesterday’s tornado that once again hit Moore was just as, if not more, devastating. These people have been through so much and it’s important to help out our fellow human beings in whatever way we can. One of my co-workers, Lori, lives in Oklahoma and is selling “Pray for Oklahoma” paracord bracelets in her Etsy Shop, Knot Krazy. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross and not only will your money go to a good cause, but you can physically show your support as well.

Head over to Knot Krazy, or if you prefer, you can donate directly to Red Cross on their website. I wish all the best to the people of Moore and my thoughts are with the families struggling with the loss of loved ones in the aftermath.