Sunset Hair

In February, I posted the various hair colors I’ve done since 2014 in Mission: Color. In early March I decided to go for another color change, with the initial idea for fire hair. The colors ended up much richer than the typical ones used in fire hair coloring, so “sunset hair” more appropriately fit the style.

tonmu3kMarch 4, 2016

The initial dyeing is pictured above, but for some reason my hair hasn’t been holding the red well (it fades to “rose gold” within 1-2 weeks)—we think it might be the brand. My stylist is awesome and has touched it up twice over the past month at no extra charge, but I can’t let her keep doing that. She’s looking for the colors in a brand that’s worked well on me in the past, but if that doesn’t pan out I’ll probably try something completely different at my next appointment.

Here is the most recent touch-up from April 2, 2016. Instead of layering red/orange/gold, she did a red-to-orange ombre and kept the gold layer (the only one that’s been sticking) underneath.


Colorings were performed by Jodie at Salon Verve in TVC.

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