Photography: Jan-March 2016

I’ve owned my Canon Rebel t3i for two years now, but decided to take a class this semester to learn how to better utilize its features. So far we’ve turned in nine assignments (currently working on the 10th—HDR) covering varying topics. Below are some of my favorite images from each assignment.

There’s also an art show that starts April 11th at the college. I submitted three of my photos to it, and popped by yesterday to discover that two of them were accepted (all three are pictured below as well). =)

Introduction Project: Feet

(Yes, exactly that – pictures of feet.)


Art Show Submissions

Blue Light Writing (not in show)
also from Assignment #2
Corner Loft at Twilight
also from Assignment #8
Agate Thunderegg in Black & White
also from Assignment #3

Assignment #1: Color

Assignment #2: 30-Second Exposures

The long streak is an airplane landing. Went more simple here with a lit candle.

Assignment #3: Light Sources

Assignment #4: Composition

Assignment #5: Monochrome

Assignment #6: “What If?”
(NMC Magazine Submissions)

What if… characters came to life?
(this submission will be in NMC Magazine’s Spring 2016 “What If?” issue)
What if… vegetables had babies?
This is a 100% real picture. There was a mini-pepper inside the pepper!

Assignment #7: The Studio Portrait

Assignment #8: Signs of Spring
(Pictures at Twilight)

Assignment #9: Telling a Story
(Spring Break 2016)