Mission: Color

Since November 2014, I’ve been having my hair dyed various colors by Jodie at Salon Verve in TVC. The first few times I stuck with just doing blue and black, then eventually added purple, then started to mix it up more often from there. I don’t have pictures from every occasion (especially early on), but here’s my collection thus far!

UPDATE: See my Sunset Hair here! (April 2016)

Blue/Black, one week faded
January 2, 2015

Blue/Black, two weeks faded
January 9, 2015

Purple, Blue, and Black
June 6, 2015 (pic taken at Salon Verve)

Purple, Blue, and Black (front)
June 8, 2015

Purple, Blue, and Black (faded)
4-5 weeks after coloring

Mermaid Hair (Blue/Teal)
October 17, 2015 (pic taken at Salon Verve)

Mermaid Hair (front)
October 22, 2015

Mulberry and Purple
December 11, 2015 (see video)

Blue/Green (touch-up w/ green instead of teal)
November 5, 2015

Purple and More Purple
January 20, 2016

Purple and More Purple
February 1, 2016 (1.5 weeks faded)

Considering trying a different combination next time I go in, just not sure what yet.

UPDATE: Lightening the hair!

I go to an organic salon, so my stylist does not use bleach. I’m not sure exactly what lightening product she uses, but it’s gentle enough for her to do two lightens in a row with zero breakage on my hair. Since my hair is naturally dark brown, sometimes it’s taken turning it nearly white for the color to stick well.

Digging through my phone I found a photo from the last time I had it lightened, which was October 2015, the day I got the mermaid hair coloring. The top half of my head was a light blonde with a reddish tint, while the bottom is nearly white, with a slight bluish tint from lightening over what had been faded blue/purple at the time.



3 thoughts on “Mission: Color

  1. Is it true they have to lighten your hair before they can do that and what is the average cost. A hair dresser here in florida says for my hair which is about the length of your it would cost me over 300.00 because of all that she would have to do.


    1. If you’re not naturally blonde then yes, they do. It doesn’t have to be lightened every time, generally only initially and when you want to move the color up. Some colors can be done over other colors (like my current purple has been done over the previous blue/green) so lightening doesn’t happen often.. I think I had it done only twice last year.

      My hair is naturally dark brown, and it can take two lightens to get it ready. Since I go to a salon that uses organic products, the lightening product is really gentle on the hair, unlike bleaching it.

      However, even with that and getting multiple colors by a master colorist, I’ve never paid that much! Maybe it varies based on area, but I believe the most expensive it’s been has been around $130-$150. I’d suggest checking around other places in your area, smaller local ones perhaps?


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