Photography: Snowy Day on Campus

These photos didn’t stem from a photography assignment, but rather from my taking advantage of the fresh snowfall blanketing NMC when I arrived on campus that morning. They were taken on January 30, several hours prior to said weather being a factor in the accident that totaled out my car (a look at that at the bottom). Now that recovery and playing catch-up is over, it’s time for these pics to shine.

This is at the Cherry Lot, where grass, trees, and swamp ring its fringes.

The snow bush monster outside Osterlin Library.

Outdoor classroom between Scholar’s Hall and Osterlin. It doesn’t get used in winter for some odd reason.

This photo is a bit murky because I took it while sitting on the stairwell inside Scholar’s Hall, between the first and second floors.

One of the plants outside the back side of Osterlin.

One of the plants outside the back side of Osterlin.

So, here’s my car, or at least what remained. I guess as of last Friday it’s no longer my car (RIP car of 12 years, ye had served me well).

At the scene (the Pepsi truck did not hit us; it stopped and blocked traffic from passing).

At the tow yard last Friday. The engine isn’t normally placed that far back. o.O

At the tow yard last Friday.

Everyone involved is fine now; I had a hyperextended arm and bruised/swollen hand from it smacking the window while my passenger had a concussion and mildly sprained neck. The other driver had a wrist injury. Not bad overall given how the cars looked.