Photography: Flowers of Mackinac

I visited Mackinac Island for the first time this weekend. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an island in Lake Huron, located between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. It’s home to Fort Mackinac, which was established by the British during the Revolutionary War (our tour guide admitted that the soldiers spent most of the time drunk), and saw battle during the War of 1812. You can also find the Grand Hotel here, which I only saw the outside of because it’s nearly impossible to get a room there unless you plan wayyyy in advance.

Also, there’s no cars (exception: pretty certain they have at least a fire truck). Instead, you get around by foot, bicycle, or horse.

Tomorrow I’ll post my general photos from Mackinac Island, but here’s some of the flowers I snapped yesterday morning. I found them all outside the hotel we stayed at (Metivier Inn).

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Photography: Double Exposure

“Double Exposure” in digital photography isn’t the true double exposures we got back when our camera had film. Now we use photo editing to layer the two images together. For this assignment, I used a silhouette of myself, and layered in a cool flower image I took while in San Francisco a few months ago.