Sims 3: Meet the Trallops!

It was when I got “meh” about SimCity that I decided to finally redownload Sims 3, after years of barely playing it (despite having the CE since launch), and unearth my old neighborhood backups. I tried first playing my old families I had created and saved the neighborhoods for, but I didn’t feel any attachment to them, even though one of them was my namesake.

Then I recalled how amusing it was to play a redhead in the Sims Medieval in the attempt to make the entire village redheads. I did partially succeed in that venture; there were many redheaded kids by the time I finished that game. So I made the decision to make a family of redheads, two brothers and two sisters, who were all promiscuous in nature. The Trallop family was ‘born’.

From left to right: Candice, Ginni, Chen, and Dane

Meet the Trallops
I’m terrible at naming characters in any game. I can sit here for 30-60 minutes trying to decide on a perfect name. It must have been my inspiration to create their family, because I named them all in record time. Their last name is obviously a play on “trollop“, which I thought fit the bill nicely.

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