Whipped Cream Frosting Update!

The original batch of Whipped Cream Frosting, made back on the 11th, was definitely a hit in the household and went pretty quick. It was used on cookies, fruit and ice cream.

We decided to pick up some more fruit this weekend and re-make the whipped cream with cinnamon oil flavoring, which tastes amazingly great with apples! Oil flavoring is more potent, so you only use about 25% of what the recipe calls for in extracts. This time my youngest child helped make the recipe and he had a lot of fun watching the mixture change.

We can’t wait until the local apples are in season here and to try out more flavors with the whipped cream. 🙂

Discovering 2014: Tissue Paper Bowl and Yarn Egg

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

Well, the Confetti Bowl did not happen. I searched a few stores last night and couldn’t mind anywhere that sold the non-shred confetti. While I could have made my own using my 3-hole puncher, I figured an alternative to making my wrist weep would work just fine.

Today’s project was a Tissue Paper Bowl and a Yarn Egg. The bowl was done in the same style the Confetti Bowl would have been, using Mod Podge on a balloon. The Yarn Egg was an idea passed on to me by my friend Rijacki (check out her Facebook page here!) last night, and since I had the supplies I figured why the heck not?!

For the Tissue Paper Bowl, you just need a balloon, tissue paper, Mod Podge, foam brush and something to set it upright in (I used a wide-mouth Dollar Store vase). For the Yarn Egg you need a balloon, standard glue, an object to put inside the balloon (optional), yarn, and a cup you don’t mind mixing glue and water in. These are both fun, kid-friendly projects!

The yarn egg came first. You don’t need much water, try to make it a creamy glue mixture. I coiled my yarn in so it wouldn’t tangle then gently mushed it in well using the handle of my foam brush.

Your hands will obviously be covered in glue by the end of this! If you chose to put an object inside your balloon, try to cover and gaps you think it could slip out of too easily.

Next came the tissue paper bowl. You just apply Mod Podge to the top of your balloon and layer the paper on. I used a single piece of tissue paper, cut into quarters.

Here’s both of them when I set them out to dry. As you can see with the tissue paper bowl, it was very well coated.

I decided to try and expedite their drying process so I could actually write my findings today. Here’s the two after that (I set them in front of a fan, rotating every 15 minutes). Now here’s my advice: while this worked find for the tissue paper bowl, the yarn egg wasn’t as dry as it seemed, so let that sit overnight!

Next you get a pin and POP the balloons! The yarn egg balloon did not pop, and I discovered it may have been due to some of the yarn facing the balloon not being completely dry. Overall it held its shape, but because the balloon didn’t pop, my quarter didn’t get “trapped” in it. Oh well, next time!. 🙂

The balloon for the tissue paper bowl popped just fine, then peeled out easily. Afterward I trimmed the edges of it with scissors.

Here’s the balloon from the yarn egg. You can see where the wet glue had clung to it. The bottom part of the egg shown here was where it was still wet, though that doesn’t translate well in images.

Would I do either again? Definitely! They were both fun, but I did learn a couple of lessons in the process:

  • Let a Yarn Egg dry overnight!
  • While the tissue paper bowl came out fine, it is somewhat floppy. I’d probably layer on a few more full sheets, quartered, just spaced out between drying sessions. It’d take a lot longer but I think the bowl would be a lot sturdier.

Tomorrow’s project is a Plastic Bag Dispenser!

Discovering 2014: Paper Bag Booklets

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

Today’s project was Paper Bag Booklets. This is a great project to do with the kids or for a cute and simple personalized gift. The idea came from this blog post by Stellaire.

I followed most of her instructions but I decided to cut the side flaps out instead of gluing the front and back together. My pages weren’t as thick but they were still perfectly functional.

The first booklets I made were following the suggestion of cutting at 3″ from the top of a lunch bag. I did this to three bags, then also cut off the side flaps.

I stapled the middle, then used some washi tape to wrap around, not only to cover the staples, but also because it made it a bit more book-like. You may notice that there are narrower booklets pictured as well: I also used those side flaps I cut out to make mini-booklets!

I decided to take off another section of the bag and make one booklet for myself. This one I used my rectangle hole punch and yarn to make a binding.

The other booklets my younger two children used, which are pictured at the top–one did stickers and the other wrote about snowboarding. The yarn-bound one I used to start a booklet, which will hopefully be a fun little gift when it’s completed! 🙂

Tomorrow’s project is Homemade Nutter Butters!

Discovering 2014: Bubble Wands

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

Today’s project was Bubble Wands, fashioned after this picture found on Pinterest. This is a pretty quick craft that you could do for or with kids. I used about a foot or so of 18-gauge wire and some chunky beads. 20-gauge wire would likely work just fine as well, and the length you can vary depending on what you want

I made the purple by looping and wrapping the top then having a single wire at the bottom, and the brown by folding the wire in half, wrapping a few times, then having a double pronged bottom. Both I curled in after the beads were on; the purple with a flat spiral and the brown spiral curling outward.

I ran into the problem of being unable to take a picture while blowing bubbles, so once again my husband kindly obliged.

Tomorrow’s project is Whipped Cream Frosting!

Discovering 2014: Homemade Valentines

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

Today’s project was Homemade Valentines. It was supposed to be Bubble Wands, but I swapped the two since one of my kids needs to take his Valentines in early on Monday.

For this I used Microsoft Publisher to make the Valentine cards, but I imagine you get about the same result using Microsoft Word or similar software. You could also write them out by hand if you’re feeling overly ambitious! After I was happy with what I had, I test printed them out (to make sure I remembered how to align the front/back correctly), then finally printed them out on cardstock.

To go along with the color sayings, we included little baggies I got on clearance from Michaels with crayons.. that I also got a box of 200 on clearance from Michaels. 🙂 We originally had all eight colors in the baggies, but then I realized there were too many needed (48 bags total!), so we dropped it down to four each.

Tomorrow’s project is Homemade Cheez-Its!