Case for Humanity on Kickstarter

Today I discovered another cool Kickstarter that you should consider backing! It is called Case for Humanity, which is a storage solution for Cards Against Humanity. The project is being run by Greg “Rothgar” Spence, who works for SOE (formerly of EverQuest II and Planetside 2; currently on EQ Next) and is an all-around great guy.

I’m getting one, though Greg may not want to know that it will be craft storage for me (but it will still be well-loved!). =)  

Go check out Case for Humanity on Kickstarter!

Havok & Hijinks Kickstarter: It’s Time to Be a Dragon!

A couple of my good friends (who I originally met at Fan Faire 2009 and were both EverQuest II and Rift players, amongst other games), Ferrel (Adam) and Aurelis (Kristen), are part of the Havok & Hijinks Kickstarter project. It is a super-cute, family-friendly, casual strategy card game that is definitely worth your time checking out! Even if you aren’t interested in card games for yourself, maybe you have a family or friend that would be. They are already fully funded and have some great stretch rewards coming up.

Check out Havok & Hijinks – Don’t slay a dragon… BE one on Kickstarter!

ProSiebenSat.1 Revelations from John Smedley

Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley took to Twitter today to speak about EU and UK in regards to ProSiebenSat.1 (aka PSS1) accounts. He said:


// This prompted some additional questions from players:

@zalbard asks: @j_smedley @everquest_next Thanks for the confirmation. But there will still be servers located in the EU for European players, correct?
John Smedley replies: “yup”
@cyliena asks: @j_smedley What if you’re in the EU but still have an SOE account for the other games?
Linda Carlson replies: “Then you’ll have two accounts.”

Geek Badges

I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas from July 31 – August 5 for SOE Live, a gaming convention. This is my fifth year attending, and I decided to bring along a craft project to hand out to my friends there. I call them Geek Badges, and they’ve occupied my scarce free time over the past couple of weeks.

There isn’t anything crazy complex to these. I just shrunk down several logos for SOE games I play so that they’d fit a one-inch round cutout and was able to print ten per 4×6 photo sheet. Then I adhered them to the bottlecaps and added a jump ring to each.

I have a bunch of $1 special snap hair clips that I’m never going to use for my normal hair clip projects, so I plan on handing those out with the badges. I already hooked mine to it, and it’ll allow me to easily clip them onto my lanyard, backpack, shirt, or even hair if I’m feeling crazy. I’m also bringing along keychain rings for the guys who likely want nothing to do with a hair clip.

In all I made a bit over 100 of Geek Badges, but not all of them turned out well. It was definitely some trial and error for me at first (I discovered that encasing photo paper in dimensional paint is a BAD idea). When I pack up for Vegas on Tuesday, about 98 of these will be coming along!

EverQuest II: Wantia Desert Homestead

Turning a home like this…

I spend a good bit of time decorating on the Everfrost server in EQ2, but I’m much better at not completely finishing projects. My most recently published home is the first one I’ve completed in the past six months (currently I’m in-progress on 3-4 other homes). It is a remake of my Modern Wantia Abode that I published last year.

… into this is what I thrive on.

This house is called the Wantia Desert Homestead. I used the same ceiling as the abode, but completely changed the walls and swapped out the floor tiles. There are some similarities in decor (window planters, the closet, the table, etc), and a few ideas taken from another Maj’Dul home I’ve published called the Maj’Dul Chateau (the fireplace and the stacked display, namely).

Check out the pictures of this home below, over on the EQ2 Homeshow forum, or you can visit it in-game on the Everfrost server in the Small Homes category of the leaderboards! Continue reading “EverQuest II: Wantia Desert Homestead”