Online Friendship

This afternoon I had a friend post the following:

Over the past year or so I have seen a number of people post an image that says that in many ways your online friends are more your friends than your real friends and family. Not only do I disagree with this notion, but I find the idea that some people actually believe it severely disturbing. Your real friends and family are the ones who, when you hit rock bottom and your online friends are too distracted by the latest meme or their own lives to bother with you, are still there for you and still willing to offer their support.”

Maybe my perspective is skewed because I spend so much of my social life with online interactions due to my job, but I have to disagree with the above. I partially agree with his original assertion that your family means more than your online friends (and even then that’s subjective based on your familial relationships), but I have to say that I have many online friends who mean a lot to me and that I believe would be (and have been) there for me (and vice versa) even through hard times.

Here was my response:
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What’s Keeping Me Busy (December Edition)

No one wants to hear about work keeping me busy, because that’s what keeps everyone busy. I won’t deny that that’s where a good bit of my time goes! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so here’s an update on what’s been keeping me busy.
Over the past month there’s been my PlayStation 4 (cats not included) and subsequent addiction to being a completionist on Assassin’s Creed IV:

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EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan Interviews

One of the awesome things about being an editor is that you get some great opportunities to talk to developers about the games that you love. This week I was finally able to post the responses to the extensive interview I had with the EverQuest II team about Tears of Veeshan and beyond. Working in some Beta knowledge both articles became more of a narrative preview, but I’m happy with how the turned out.

Check out both interviews below!

Another awesome thing about being an editor? Finding ways to use those 60+ awesome images you’ve taken on beta…..
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Tears of Veeshan Beta Streaming

I’ve been busy with work, work and more work. Lately aside from the news gig, I’ve been busy with running Tears of Veeshan on beta. Today I live streamed some things like the T4 guild hall, new items, mercenary slots and Vesspyr Isles. Here’s the “shortened” 40 minute version (there’s an ad that will play before the video starts).

I’m a streaming newbie so.. be kind. 😉

Viewing Guide:
Minutes 00-19: Tears of Veeshan House Items / T4 guild hall
Minutes 20-29: Mercenary Slots
Minutes 30-40: Vesspyr Isles / Temple of Veeshan

What’s Keeping Me Busy?

Not that I’m a frequent writer or anything, but I’ve even received comments on Twitter and Facebook lately from friends and guild mates wondering where in the world I’ve been. So, what’s keeping me busy? There’s been a crazy timeline of events this summer starting with…

Cube World Forum Wiki
The CWF site is a more recent addition to the ZAM family. In the month leading up to SOE Live, I got looped in to assist on their wiki, and helped with their front page revamp. The Cube World Forum team is a great bunch and are very dedicated to the game, so if you’re looking for any information on Cube World, go check them out and join their community!

Oh, but there’s more!
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